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Review of the 2024 Bangkok Massage Parlour: Is It Still Worth Visiting? What Has Changed?

Since the beginning of 2024, people’s lifestyles have begun to revert to pre-COVID times. With the country reopening, tourists are flocking in droves. Nighttime travelers like us never miss the opportunity to seek out exciting hotspots ready to provide maximum fun and relaxation.

However, many may still wonder whether massage parlour venues in 2024 will remain a popular destination for travelers. Is it still a hub of nighttime entertainment in Bangkok worth visiting? Today, Tara Bangkok (Tarawadee) will open up the review for everyone to see

Massage parlor Bangkok update 2024

Entering the Year 2024, How Has Tara Bangkok Massage Parlor Changed?

After the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation, sadly, many entertainment businesses, including numerous massage parlours, had to close down. However, with the continued support of our loyal customers, Tara Bangkok has managed to stand tall as a leading massage parlour destination. We have renovated our facilities, presenting a modern, clean, and updated appearance. Despite the challenges, we take pride in remaining a steadfast massage parlour and entertainment provider, constantly striving to enhance the quality of our services. We look forward to delivering an even better experience in 2024.

Newly Decorated Rooms with Various Themes

Discover our newly decorated themed rooms, designed to cater to different preferences. We offer single rooms for solo travelers and suites for gentlemen traveling in groups. For instance, our Californian-themed room draws inspiration from the bright and relaxing California style. Adorned with warm tones, contrasted with gold accents, and subtly infused with luxury, the room features a KTV, a spacious bathtub, and a separate small tub for shy gentlemen who prefer not to share the common tub

The Californian suite at Tara Bangkok massage parlor

Another unmissable theme is Dynasty, a suite with an East Asian fragrance that undoubtedly appeals to Chinese travelers and has become a guest favorite. Even locals appreciate the feel of Hong Kong’s glamorous lifestyle with the ladies of the dynasty. This themed room is available in various options, from single rooms to 2-bed suites, up to 5-bed suites. Some rooms even come with an additional pool table for maximum enjoyment, ensuring a non-stop, exciting 3-hour experience with no dull moments.

Thai, Chinese, and Japanese Cuisines for a Delightful Culinary Experience

In addition to the spa and massage services, which are the highlights of Tara Bangkok, we also offer a satisfying dining experience. Our Thai-Chinese cuisine is rich in flavor, designed to cater to the Thai palate. Moreover, our professional hotel chef is skilled in preparing fresh and premium-grade Japanese dishes, including exquisite sushi. The prices are moderate and not overly expensive, and the value is further enhanced by breathtaking views and live music. Whether you choose to indulge in the spa or not, stopping by Tara Bangkok just to enjoy our restaurant is a worthwhile experience. If you’re unsure about getting a massage, you can relax and chill at the bar first to get a feel for the place.

Our Brand New Heritage Tea Room – Perfect for Relaxation Even Without a Massage or Spa Service

We have revamped The Heritage Tea Room, exclusively designed for our gentlemen. Inside, you’ll find sets of pearl-inlaid guest tables, tea tables imported from China, and round dining tables, creating a luxurious yet warm atmosphere. On days when you feel bored and simply want to relax casually, you can drop by without the need for a massage or spa service.

New KTV and Sound System with Trendy Music

Unleash your true self, accompanied by the freedom of music with karaoke and the excitement of our new sound system. Sing joyfully without getting bored, as Tara Bangkok updates the latest hit songs in every style for maximum enjoyment. If you have any special song requests, feel free to inform the staff, and we will incorporate them for you.

Strict Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Tara Bangkok continues to adhere steadfastly to the highest cleanliness standards, especially concerning the well-being of our service staff. All staff members undergo regular health check-ups.

There Are Plenty of Options for Nighttime Activities, So Why Choose a Massage Parlour?

Some may wonder, with so many options available, why choose a massage parlour? Going to a bar or lounge is another option. Consider these perspectives before deciding. If they resonate with you, then yes, a massage parlour is the answer.

For Those Who Love Fun but Prefer to Relax

Tara Bangkok has got you covered – music, lively bars for a vibrant atmosphere. When you crave privacy, it’s calm and relaxing. Enjoy a dip in the tub for ultimate comfort. It’s a night out that doesn’t wear you out. If you’re still in the party mood and desire a private celebration, we’ve got you covered with plenty of rooms. No worries about booking a karaoke room and finding it full. Transportation is easy – whether you prefer a taxi or private car, parking is available, with no need to park by the roadside.

All-in-One Nightlife Excitement at 'Tara Bangkok'

Some places are suitable for dining, while others focus solely on drinks, and some require navigating through traffic. But at ‘Tara Bangkok,’ we have it all – from dining to drinks, and even exciting experiences while soaking the spa. Just the thought of it is delightful!

Landmark for International Tourists

Tara Bangkok is unlike any other bar abroad, offering a comprehensive blend of services that includes dining, bars, and spa, all designed for maximum enjoyment. It has become a destination for tourists from China, Korea, Japan, Europe, and America, where it can be fully appreciated by travelers on vacation or those on a business trip.


In summary, in 2024, massage parlours continue to be an appealing nighttime destination for refined gentlemen, a preference that remains unchanged. At ‘Tara Bangkok,’ we have upgraded and invested in new decorations, handpicking talented and charming staff to consistently provide excellent service for our gentlemen. Feel free to drop by and experience it for yourself!

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