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TARA BANGKOK Shower Guide 102: What Has Changed in the Massage Parlor 2023

There is a saying that the massage parlor business is in a slump and has died along with COVID-19. Today, TARA BANGKOK will reveal the truth and show you what has changed in the Bangkok massage parlor industry for 2023. Are you still shopping at the “fishbowl”? Does Tara still use the same old bathtub? Has the evolution of soapy massage parlor brought any changes to the “Happy Ending” experience? Let’s find out.

Say goodbye to the fishbowl! It's not for Massage Parlor 2023

Gentlemen, it’s time come back and rewrite your memory. The fishbowl is out! At TARA BANGKOK, we don’t have it anymore. You no longer choose through the glass wall. Our lovely girls are waiting for you on the luxurious sofa, showcasing their beauty and grace. There are no barriers, and you can clearly see everything from the moment you step in.

Tara Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlor 2023 no longer has a fishbowl. Instead, sexy models sit at this gigantic sofa.

Guests can have natural conversations and connect with our girls. Feel free to relax and enjoy a chill drink together. But if you can’t find the ones yet, feel free to take a break at “Tara Lounge”.  Listen to music and enjoy the view.

We are pretty sure that, in 2023, any real players in the Massage Parlor industry in Bangkok  hardly use fishbowl anymore. The soapy massage experience today is a true haven for gentlemen to relax and unwind.

From ordinary sofas to the magnificent "TARA Lounge"

Come and relax at the TARA Entertainment Complex. It’s not just about sitting on old sofas anymore; that’s too boring. We have transformed the lounge into a cozy and more relaxing space. The bar area is beautifully designed, comparable to top-notch hotel lounges. Sit back and enjoy watching the bartender mix delightful drinks. Indulge in premium-grade sushi at the sushi bar and savor the chef’s skillful performances. It’s even more tempting than before. Live music fills the air, creating a pleasant ambiance. For Massage Parlor 2023 trend, there’s no rush to finish and leave. It’s about savoring every moment. This is a rewarding experience for gentlemen (but we don’t mind if you want a quick shot).

The new VIP room at TARA BANGKOK – “The Heritage Tea Room” AKA Dim Sum Room

Located on the first floor, adjacent to the TARA Lounge, this private reception room is exquisitely decorated in a luxurious Chinese style. It features traditional Chinese tea tables for an authentic experience. You can invite our lovely hostesses to join you for a cup of tea, or use the room for private business discussions. After sealing the deal, you can relax by taking a dip in the spa or enjoy a happy ending massage. TARA BANGKOK offers both professional services and comprehensive entertainment all in one place.

TARA BANGKOK massage parlor 2023 Caters to All Forms of Entertainment

In the VIP rooms of TARA BANGKOK 2023, karaoke is always up-to-date with the latest songs. Whether it’s Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese songs, you can choose from the newest hits like “Pink Venom” by BlackPink or timeless classics like “My Heart Will Go On.” It’s suitable for all ages, with crystal-clear sound from top-notch audio equipment. If you desire a dazzling light setup, we offer a variety of options, from Chinese-style filigree lights to moonlight-style lights or even a Roman-inspired ambiance. Our VIP rooms are ready to take everyone on an unforgettable fantasy experience.

Massage Parlor 2023 As A Venue for Private Parties

With fully-equipped facilities ranging from parking lots, reception areas, delicious food, and a relaxing hot tub, this venue is suitable for hosting various events such as birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, homecoming events, and celebratory occasions. It can be themed according to your preference, and if you prefer a private meeting room, that can be arranged as well. Despite many massage parlors permanently closing their businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken this opportunity to modernize ourselves, ensuring that TARA BANGKOK Massage Parlor 2023 is ready to serve you with full-fledged entertainment in all forms

Tara Membership 2023 is more rewarding than ever!

We have rebranded ourselves as ‘TARA BANGKOK‘ and we are going all out to provide our members with incredible bonuses. Whether it’s complimentary drinks, suites, or exclusive on-top discounts when sign up through our website. The credits you deposit can be fully spent on food, drinks, and spa. This level of value is simply unbeatable. Come and be a part of the TARA family.

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